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Swedish Body Therapy Salon

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Swedish Massage

Whole body care massage

 ( back, buttocks, legs-foots, arms-hand, decollete, neck, head )

Sweden Hand Therapy

hand touch therapy 

( back, hand, foot )

Course & Price

Whole body Swedish Massage course @9,800yen 120 min

inclusive foot bath & herb tea

Course & Price

Option A :  1,000yen 30 min (back & hand or foot)

Option B:  2,000yen 50 min (back & hand & foot)

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About Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is performed to energize the body and improve overall health. 

Health Benefits of a Swedish Massage

Massages are a great way to relax and unwind. A massage involves manipulating the muscles and joints to relieve stress or pain. This is achieved by relaxing tight muscles and promoting blood circulation.

Getting a Swedish massage can also be beneficial to your heart. A masseuse (a person that practices massage) manipulates the body's soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels) and uses strokes that flow toward the heart, improving blood circulation.

Swedish massage may help reduce symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. Some of the symptoms that could be managed by massage therapy include back pains, headaches, muscle issues and other chronic pains.

Massages are also associated with boosting immunity. This can help you in managing conditions like the common cold, asthma, diabetes, and breast cancer.

In addition to the positive health impacts mentioned above, getting a Swedish massage may also have the following benefits:

Should You Get a Swedish Massage?

Massage is widely used as complementary treatment for many different conditions. The physiological and psychological benefits of massages are countless. Massage therapy is not only helpful to people dealing with health conditions, it is also recommended for physically fit and healthy individuals. A Swedish massage will help you feel great, whether you have aches and pains or simply want to unwind.  

Sweden Hand Therapy

Study Description Brief Summary:

The older residents in the long-term care facilities frequently experience loneliness, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Improving residents' psychological health problems is one of the important tasks for nursing staff. Individual experiences a sense of security and feels of being cared for after tactile massage (TM).The randomized controlled trial research design and convenience sampling will be employed. Through skin-to-skin contact, the oxytocin can be induced to make individual feel relaxed, reduce anxiety, and feel pleasure. The randomized controlled trial research design and convenience sampling will be employed. The eligible residents will be randomly assigned to intervention group and comparison group (usual care). The intervention group will receive two 15-min tactile massages per week for 4 weeks. The comparison group will receive regular care and activities.


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